There are two spheres of governance within Bitou Municipality

The Council, which is political in nature and representative of the people who have elected them.

The Administration, who are employees of the Municipality and executors of Council decisions.

“To be the best together” / “Om saam die beste te wees” / “Sobalasela Sonke”

The Bitou Municipality mission is to partner with communities and stakeholders to sustainably deliver quality services so that everyone in Bitou can live and prosper together.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Excellence in service delivery
  • Leveraging tourism development
  • Improvement of basic service delivery to informal settlements and the poor
  • Embracing technology to facilitate development and progress
  • Create an enabling environment where all people can be included
  • Effective and efficient utilisation of resources
  • Improvement of safety for all communities
  • Institutional and financial sustainability

Our Values

  • Ubuntu – working together, respect for each other and caring for all citizens regardless of race, gender, creed or political affiliation.
  • Integrity – honesty, commitment to good governance, truthfulness, honour and uprightness by all employees
  • Accountability – for performance
  • Responsibility – professionalism and excellence
  • Innovation – inspired leadership that seeks excellence and creative solutions to challenges in a resourceful way.

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