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Bitou Municipality is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the tender process for the airport project, marking a significant milestone in our efforts to enhance opportunities for local residents and elevate the region's tourism industry.

The strategic deal was concluded this week with rsa.AERO after a rigorous evaluation process and the completion of the legally prescribed appeals period.

This strategic partnership is poised to bring about transformative changes and propel our tourism sector to new heights.
This deal will see the Plettenberg Bay airport fully revamped and upgraded with new hangers, a modern terminal building and the resurfacing of the runway, in the near future.

Bitou Municipal Manager Mbulelo Memani said the conclusion of this tender is beneficial for the town as Plett is a leading tourist destination in the region.

“Tourism plays a key role in the socio-economic prosperity of Bitou and the region.”
Memani said the Municipality was not an expert in the running of airports and handing over to experts will ensure that Bitou has a safe and efficient air access.

“In the bidding document, there are actionable promises that can see more flight options for Bitou.”
“Bitou Municipality will provide an enabling environment for more businesses who are likely to take advantage of this new venture,” Memani added.

Managing Director for rsa.AERO ,Nick Ferguson, said he appreciated the confidence that the municipality has placed in rsa.AERO.

“The team is made up of a group of professionals who are competent, passionate about aviation, and making a meaningful contribution to society at large.”

“Plettenberg Bay is a premier tourist destination in the region. It requires an airport that delivers safe and reliable services. We are dedicated to fulfilling this commitment, ensuring that the airport becomes a source of pride for all citizens alike”, added Ferguson.

Meanwhile, Plett Tourism CEO Patty Butterworth agreed with Memani saying that tourism plays a pivotal role in driving socio-economic prosperity in the region and the nation at large.
“South Africa, with the concerted efforts of organisations such as Wesgro and SA Tourism, has established itself as a global tourist destination. The Western Cape, particularly the city of Cape Town, are consistently recognised as preferred destinations, and the Garden Route, with its myriad premier tourist offerings, contributes significantly to this reputation.

“The Plettenberg Bay Airport plays a crucial role in our marketing efforts at Plett Tourism. We ‘sell’ direct access to our domestic and international travellers regularly.”

“We are extremely pleased that the Bitou Municipality has awarded the tender and has taken the issue of providing an efficient and improved airport seriously. The Plett Airport is a key marketing tool for the local tourism industry, and we look forward to watching the economic spin-offs and job creation it will have for Bitou.”

PIC: Managing Director for rsa.AERO, Nick Ferguson, Lead Governance & Assurance for rsa.AERO Tanya Jeffrey, Bitou Municipal Manager, Mbulelo Memani, and Bitou Head of Legal, Alan Croutz.