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There are two spheres of governance within Bitou Municipality

The Council, which is political in nature and representative of the people who have elected them.

The Administration, who are employees of the Municipality and executors of Council decisions.

The Council

The Municipal Council comprises thirteen (13) Councillors, seven (7) of whom are Ward Councillors and six (6) of whom are Proportional Representation (PR) Councillors.

The Council has the following structures:

Office of the Speaker

The Speaker is the Chairperson of the Municipal Council and performs his/ her functions in terms of a framework of powers assigned by legislation and powers delegated by the Municipal Council in terms of the Municipal Systems Act.

The Executive Mayor and Executive Mayoral Committee (MAYCO)

The Executive Mayor is at the centre of the governance system and is responsible for providing political and strategic leadership. Executive power is vested in the Executive Mayor, in accordance with a framework of powers assigned by legislation as well as powers delegated by the Municipal Council in terms of Section 59 of the Municipal Systems Act. In order to maximise operational efficiency, the Municipal Council has delegated all powers except those which it is may not delegate by law to the Executive Mayor. The Executive Mayoral Committee is chaired by the Executive Mayor and includes the Deputy Mayor and the Portfolio Committee Chairs.

Portfolio Committess

Portfolio Committees are appointed in terms of section 80 of the Municipal Structures Act. Portfolio Committee are chaired by the members of the Executive Mayoral Committee.

The Administration

The administration is headed by the Municipal Manager and comprises of various directorates.