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Bitou Municipality prides itself on being an employer with a diverse and dynamic workforce. Roles cover areas corporate, financial, community, engineering, strategic and customer care scopes. A career in public service is one of commitment to the community, offering equitable solutions and maintaining a consistently high standard of service delivery. If you think that you meet our criteria, apply for the vacancies available online

Core values of Bitou Municipality
As municipal employees, we ascribe to the values as underpinned by Batho Pele, a Sesotho word which means “People First”. This initiative was launched in 1997 to transform the Public Service at all levels. Batho Pele was launched because post 1994 South Africa inherited a public service that was not people-friendly and lacked the skills and attitudes to meet the developmental challenges facing the country.


Batho Pele's Hiring Principles


All citizens should be consulted about their needs


All citizens should know what service to expect


All citizens should be offered an apology and solution when standards are not met


All citizens should have equal access to services


All citizens should be treated courteously


All citizens are entitled to full, accurate information

Openness and transparency

All citizens should know how decisions are made and departments are run

Value for money

All services provided should offer value for money