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This is the term for a group of activities that are central to the management and long-term development of the Bitou Municipality. What we do informs a number of key processes that shape the future of the town, both physically and economically. In terms of the town’s physical development it includes Integrated Development Planning which provides an integrated framework to improve the quality of life for all the people living in the area taking into account existing conditions and the resources available for development. Economic Development & Planning include all town planning functions and spatial development, as well as building control and the management of all municipal property. In addition to the above, Economic Development & Planning is also home to the local economic development office, mandated to foster and facilitate business opportunities in both the formal and informal economy in the Bitou area. The final strategic function is that of service delivery and performance management within the municipality, to ensure compliance with a range of performance standards within the municipal operating environment.

Key Performance Areas

Economic Development & Planning Department is split into five sections:

  • Town Planning
  • Performance management
  • Property Management
  • Local Economic Development
  • Building Control
  • Integrated Development Planning

Click the below Link to be directed to the Municipal Policies and By-Laws

Policies and By-laws | Bitou Municipality

Key Contacts